Here are some quick points.  Instuctions in greater detail can be found by clicking on the links below.  

Viable (living), non-contaminated tumor cells are required for all Weisenthal Cancer Group cytometric profiling studies.  

Do not place specimens in formalin or other fixative.  

Please phone Weisenthal Cancer Group at 714-596-2100 a minimum of two days in prior to surgery or other biopsy so that we can provide specimen transport medium, shipping containers, and overnight shipping labels.  

Specimens should be kept cool but not frozen and should be shipped with a frozen cold pack (-20C but not -70C) on the same day they are collected.  

Also, please note that while we provide emergency and makeshift techniques, use of Weisenthal Cancer Group transport media is nesessary except in the most extreme circumstances. 

Please feel free to phone us with your questions;

(714) 596-2100


Please click on a specimen type below to see which cancer types apply.  Also shown are required specimen quantities, specimen handling techniques, and shipping instructions.  After viewing an item, please click your browser’s “Back” arrow to return to this page.  


Surgical Specimens

Bone Marrow Aspirate

Malignant Effusions

Peripheral Blood

Tru-Cut Needle Biopsy          


Fine Needle Aspirate

Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy

Percutaneous Liver Biopsy

Pre-cultured cells


Substitute materials and techniques – These are for emergency use only








We can't emphasize enough that strict adherence to proper specimen collection and handling requirements is crucial to our being able to test a wide range of chemotherapy drugs and produce a test result that is accurate and useful. 

Fortunately, proper technique is straightforward and well within the routine capabilities of any hospital lab or physician’s office. 

It is heartbreaking when we receive a specimen that cannot be tested due to improper collection, handling, or shipping methods.  We always try our best to salvage such specimens by applying a variety of cell-recovery techniques.  Frequently, our staff labors for an entire day over a single substandard specimen and yet, more often that not, results are disappointing for us, the physician, and the patient.  At the very least, a poor specimen will severely limit the number of drugs that can be tested.  In the worst case, it is impossible for us to perform the tests altogether. 

At Weisenthal Cancer Group we do not “grow” cells in culture, or otherwise expand the sample size outside of the patient’s body as this can alter the biologic character of the cells.  It can skew test results artifically and adversely affect test accuracy. 

Therefore, for testing purpose, we are limited to the number and condition of malignant and endothelial cells contained within the sample just as we receive it.

Please do not hesitate to phone our lab at any time with questions.  We are always glad to answer questions and offer suggestions. (714) 596-2100.